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Md. Al Monsur
Head of Business
Mr. Md. Al Monsur is the Head of Business of the Company. He joined in May 2008 as SPO. He is well experienced in Sales & Marketing. He Completed MBA in Marketing from University of Chittagong, DMC from IBA - University of Dhaka. He is also Professional Fellow of Mastermind Business School, London-UK.
Md. Jahirul Islam
Head of Accounts & Finance
Mr. Md. Jahirul Islam has been serving as Head of Accounts and Finance of the Company since September, 2021. He is well experienced in Accounting and Finance. He completed his masters’ degree in Accounting from the National University of Bangladesh. He is also experienced in auditing, Income tax & VAT.
Md. Shibli Rahmat Ullah
Head of HR
Mr. Md. Shibli Rahmat Ullah has been serving as Head of HR of the company since December, 2021. He has established himself as a successful HR Professional. He completed MBA from Southeast University, Post Graduate Diploma in HRM from BIM & HRMC from IBA, University of Dhaka. He is also experienced in Organizational Development.
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