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Stepping into my Grandfather’s shoes was as much a challenging experience for me, as much as it was exciting taking an entrance into a whole new dimension of my life. With my grandfather’s demise in 1997, many of our family members and I had to take up the entire responsibilities of Ejab Group that were left behind by him. Trying to picture the same thing he pictured and bring the same dreams he dreamt into a reality was one of the best things for me to take up at a much younger age and unexpected time. Going back even years before he passed away, he would make me sit at the Head Office that was then situated in Purana Pultan and to visit all the projects situated in various areas of North Bengal. All this while I was continuing my studies for B. Com and then onto completing my MBA. At that point of my life my interests were many. So I never took on the responsibility fully. Yet as soon as I entered Ejab Group with completeness, I gave it my utmost and still doing so to keep the dreams alive. With the support provided to me by our devoted Board Members and dedicated staff from all the sectors of our business, I was able to come all this way to my achievements of keeping the success of the Group running. After facing critical time and slight drawbacks in the year 2008 and in the beginning of 2009, we are finally heading to a better and prosperous state of our businesses and regaining whatever losses may have occurred due to unavoidable circumstances. I would like to thank my employees for their constant and unending support and faith in me to be able to come where we are today. I would also like to thank the stakeholders for their belief in us and hope to help them have a better life. And with our collective efforts we hope we can enter newer horizons of the business sectors with keeping our quality assurance and social services always in our minds. My dream is to be one of the leading groups in the business world and fulfill our promises made to the people and establish Ejab Group in everyone’s hearts. -Eshtiaque Ahmed
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